Rainy Day Fashion Essentials

Some fashion items are classics whilst others are necessities. What do you do when it’s rainy outside but you just don’t want to stay indoors? Well, you dress for the weather! Here are five rainy day fashion essentials that every fashionista should have to keep her weather-proof and still glamorous.



Nobody likes wet socks. What’s worse than wet socks? Wet toes from wet socks while walking in the rain. Investing in a cute pair of rain boots for those drenching downpours will have you looking cute and still keep your feet dry and pedicure protected.



At some point, we’ve all had our umbrellas fly into champagne glass on a windy rainy day. Investing in a sturdy umbrella may cost a little more than the cheaper road side cuties but it will definitely last longer and provide more support when needed.



Nothing looks more chic and sophisticated than a trench coat on a rainy day. Not only will it protect your under garments but it will also add a touch of Autumn New York sophistication.



On cold rainy days, having a cute scarf tied around my neck definitely keeps me warm. Better than that, it also serves as a backup that I can use to protect my extra shopping bags or books in an unexpected downpour.



As cute as the material-made clutches from the floating market in Thailand are, the truth is, I don’t really like a wet, soggy bag or worse, a wet wallet. Investing in a few timeless pieces that can be used with multiple outfits and which are waterproof are definite must-have items in my closet.

What other rainy essentials do you keep around? I’d love to hear about them!

What are your thoughts?