Hello New York: this is the real me

New York has always been one of my dream destinations. You may have remembered me rambling on a few posts back about how much I wanted to visit the Big Apple for my 30th birthday and while that never happened, I somehow ended up passing through en route to some island back in 2018. Fast […]

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10 magical things you will find on a beach in the Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is known for its beautiful beaches with soft white sands and glistening blue waters. But that’s not all you’ll find here. Wandering here on our Christmas vacation revealed some of the natural wonders hidden away in the Caribbean… wonders that can be only be found when exploring first hand! Here are […]

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15 Inspiring Quotes about New York City

I’ve always been fascinated with the wander of New York City and while I’ve been told time and time again that the Big Apple really isn’t the glamorous place I think it to be, some much awaited exploring on my December layover has only fueled the love my heart feels for this city.

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Exploring the U.S. Virgin Islands: Part 1

There’s nothing better than knocking another destination of your bucket list. Sometimes however, life unexpectedly takes you to beautiful places that never really were on your list to begin with. That’s what I love about travel. You visit new places and meet new people… form bonds and make friendships… learn about new cities that you […]

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