10 magical things you will find on a beach in the Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is known for its beautiful beaches with soft white sands and glistening blue waters. But that’s not all you’ll find here. Wandering here on our Christmas vacation revealed some of the natural wonders hidden away in the Caribbean… wonders that can be only be found when exploring first hand! Here are 10 things you are bound to find when exploring the beaches of the US Virgin Islands.


Strange cross currents

While beach hopping on St Thomas we came across an area of beach that had a strangely mesmerizing cross current.


Unique shells

Wander the beaches and you’re sure to find some unique and beautiful shells.


Clear blue waters

Waters in the Virgin Islands are so clear that you can see the aquatic life swimming beneath.


Sea urchins

Sea urchins can be found pretty close to the shore… watch your step.


Boats and yachts

There’s nothing more beautiful than sitting on a beach chair, read a book and glimpsing up every now and then to take in the site of endless boats.


Pink and white corals

Tons of corals have washed up on the shores of many beaches. Most of them have dried out but they create a beautiful sight for visitors.


Palm trees

Swaying palm trees will certainly create the island feel you’ve been longing for.



How can you not find peace of mind and calmness in your heart when walking on a beach like this?


Beautiful sunsets

Watch the sun set and paint the ocean a multitude of reds and oranges.


Moss covered rocks

Can anything be more beautiful?


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