Best Places To Visit In September

With kids back at school, September is the perfect month to enjoy some lovely weather without peak season crowds. It’s also one of the best times of the years to travel if you love everything to do with the earthy colours fall and cooler temperatures! From warm and dry cities in Europe to the safari ridden Africa, here are fifteen of the best places to visit in September.

Rome, Italy
Rome is one of the best cities to visit in the fall because temperatures are cooler, making exploration on foot much more fun! There won’t be hordes of people around making it ideal for families too.

Portland, Maine

By September, Portland is pretty quiet meaning hotel rates drop significantly, more so after Labour Day. The weather is still pretty great in September and you can visit here without trying some of the delicious food! From lobster rolls to pastries to fries and even some strange lobster ice cream.

San Diego, California
San Diego is another one of those foodie cities, with a host of inventive chefs. From oysters to doughnuts, San Diego is a must visit for all food fanatics at this time of the year. Take advantage of the longer days and great weather by attending some of the great events lined up in September – from labour day weekend celebrations to the Kaaboo Del Mar Festival to San Diego Fashion Week.

Paris, France
While August see’s the city close down for the French annual holiday, September sees the city roar back to life. There’s always something to do in Paris, regardless of the time of year. Be sure to explore the endless variety of cultural and festival events happening at this time of year.

Hong Kong
Fall is the perfect time to visit Hong Kong as the humidity drops and temperatures cool. Taste some delicious and cheap food while wandering the streets and soaking in authentic Asian culture.

Ecuador is a pretty popular destination among backpackers at this time of year. Any traveller who loves the outdoors should make a trip here in September. This time of year sees bluer skies and fewer showers however prices for flights and accommodation can get pretty high so try to book in advance. 

From soft white sands to electric blue waters, Zanzibar is a beach side paradise, more so in September! Visit the bustling bazaars or wander around and inside gothic churches. September is also the perfect time to visit with comfortable temperatures and before the December rains hit.

Buenos Aires
Better known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is known for its fancy street art and bohemian coffee haunts. As temperatures warm up in September and the cold winter fades away, more and more locals come out to play!

San Francisco
September sees clear blue skies and so definite Californian sun! Wander further afield across the Golden Gate Bridge to Napa and explore beautiful vineyards soaked in a warm autumn glow.

French Polynesia
September in the French Polynesia means some heavenly weather, blue lagoons and a picturesque location for exploring. Visit the pearl farms of Taha’a and soak up some local culture.

Mexico is known for its artsy vibe and colourful cafes. With September seeing the last drops of rain, this is the perfect time to get out and try the farm-fresh brunches and craft cocktails! Explore urban markets or wander along and taste some delicious street food!

Autumn is another beautiful time of year to visit Japan with scarlet and golden hues covering the trees all round. These colors bounce off beautiful temples making for the perfect picture. From the temples of Kyoto to the bustling streets of Tokyo, September is the perfect time to take in all things anime, ramen and sacred in Japan.

September is the best time for hiking in Peru! Visit the Inca Trail and take in some breath taking views or go on a foodie adventure in the buzzing capital!

Wander the hills of Lisbon, take in the calming sights of pastel houses and spend your evenings in taverns serving delicious seafood straight from the ocean! September is known for its gorgeous weather with temperatures averaging around 26°C making it great for afternoon strolls and evening wandering.

September has the fewest rainy days of any month in Milan and with average daytime temperatures of around 24 ºC; this is there perfect season for shopping and a gorgeous city! Don’t let the rain get you down though, Milan is glamourous at any time of the year. 

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