Best places to visit in June

Whether you’re situated in the northern hemisphere or the south, June is the perfect time for a middle-of-the-year adventure. Wander the alleyways of European cities where the sun only sets after nine or sail down glittering canals with a glass of chilled sangria in one hand! June forms the perfect time for a little summer adventure. Here are ten must-see places to add to your travel calendar for the month of June.


While it might be one of the hottest summer destinations to explore at this time of year, Croatia is filled with endless festivals in June. Why not hop aboard a yacht and sail along the coast, try some sea kayaking, rafting or just relax on the beautiful island shore?

Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt

One of the best destinations near the Red Sea, Sharm-el-Sheik is a beautiful touristy Egyptian city to visit. With much cheaper prices, it can be a concern for many travellers due to the political unrest in recent times, but this part of Egypt has in actual fact been safe for years.

Barcelona, Spain

With daytime temperatures being close to perfect for exploring at this time of year, Barcelona becomes one of the prettiest travel destinations in June. It can get busy because of the long summer nights, (really, Barcelona is one of those cities that is busy all year round) but the architecture and art make it an adventure that should not to be missed.

Amalfi coast

Filled with confetti-colored houses overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea, the Amalfi coast is perfect for a romantic June getaway.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of those cities that is always crowded and while June is no different, it is a lot less crowded that other months. Explore a little and you’ll find some perfect photo opportunities and plenty of cheap activities within the city.


Stockholm forms one of the best artsy and stylish cities in all of Europe! Filled with cobblestone streets, quaint coffee shops, restaurants, and even a castle, there are tons of adventures to be had in this beautiful city.


While the monsoon season stretches from May through to November, June is one of the quieter times to explore Bangkok. With less crowds, it’s also the perfect time to try some delectable Asian cuisine and indulge in some indoor Thai spas.


With endlessly beautiful views and three volcanoes, Guatemala is one of those adventurous places you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Wander the country of eternal spring and explore the small, authentic Mayan villages.


The romantic city in all of Europe! Filled beautiful architecture and canals, international art shows and the happiest of people wandering around the summery streets, Venice is perfect for a June visit.


With not a single national celebration falling in June, this might just be the best time to visit Beijing! The weather is still great, the number of tourists are low and it’s one of the cheapest times to explore the Chinese capital.

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