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In 1996 two women opened a tiny bakery on Bleecker Street in New York City. Four years later, Carrie Bradshaw ate a pretty pink frosted vanilla cupcake on a bench outside… and so became one of NYC’s famous little gems – Magnolia Bakery.

Known for its cupcakes and all famous delicious Banana Pudding, Magnolia Bakery was originally made famous by Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Bailey from Sex and the City as they sat outside eating cupcakes and talking about their love lives. Carrie Bradshaw is one of my all-time favourites and for this very reason, Magnolia Bakery was at the top of my New York City bucket list.

Jinz and I stopped by the all famous bakery one afternoon after visiting the MoMA to pick up two little cupcakes for an afternoon treat.

The original location of this pretty bakery is in a small building on the corner of Bleecker Street and West 11th Street in New York City… but there are also four other branches in Manhattan too.

Famous for its pretty old-fashioned cupcakes, it sells a range of flavours in a range of colours: chocolate, vanilla, caramel and the all famous pink vanilla.

They even have speciality ones too – like the Carrie cupcake, banana caramel and pistachio cream.

I can’t think of a better way for two girls to end a day out than with coffee and cupcakes from a pretty New York bakery.

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