Essential phrases you should know before travelling to Italy

The best way to pick up a new language is by fully immersing yourself in the culture and environment of that country… but even before then, I like to brush up on a few basic communication essentials that will help make my first few hours (or days) easier. Simple words like hello… yes… no… excuse me… please… thank you… are essentials that make a great first impression on locals which in turn opens up a door of interactions and accelerates any language learning you’ll do when in a place.  Here are few essential phrases to take with you on your Italian adventures and make exploring and learning so much easier.

Communication essentials

Hello / good morning Buon giorno (bwon jor-noh)

Goodbye          arrivederci      (ah-ree-veh-dair-chee)

Yes / No           si/ no   (see/noh)

Please              per favore       (pair-fah-vor-eh)

Thank you        grazie              (grah-tsee-eh)

Excuse me       mi scuzi           (mee skoo zee)

Useful phrases

How are you?  Come sta? (koh-meh-stah?)

Very well, thank you   molto bene, grazie (moll-toh beh-neh, grah-tsee-eh)

See you soon  a piu tardi (ah pee-oo tar-dee)

Where is / are…? Dove / dove sono…?           ( dov-eh / doveh soh noh?)

How do I get to….       Come faccio per arrivare a….? (koh-meh fah-choh pair arri-var-eh ah…?)

Do you speak English?            Parla inglese? (par-lah een-gleh-zeh?)

I don’t understand      Non capisco (non ka-pee-skoh)

In an emergency

Help! – Aiuto! (eye-yoo-toh)

Stop! Ferma! (fair-mah)

Call a…. Chiama un… (kee-ah-mah-oon)

Doctor medico (meh-dee-koh)

Ambulance ambulanza (am-boo-lan-tsa)

Police poliza (pol-ee-tsee-ah)

Useful words

Big       grande             (gran-deh)

Small   piccolo            (pee-koh-loh)

Hot      caldo               (kal-doh)

Cold     freddo             (fred-doh)

Good buono                (bwoh-noh)

Bad      male                (mal-eh)

Open   aperto             (ah-pair-toh)

Closed chiuso              (kee-oo-zoh)

Left      a sinistra          (ah see-nee-strah)

Right    a destra           (ah dess-trah)

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