How to say ‘Hello’ in 30 different languages

One of the first words you’ll most likely use when meeting people while traveling is hello! 

It’s the simplest of words regardless of the language being spoken or the country you’re visiting but together with a smile, it always conveys an air of politeness, respect and kindness. Hello is one of the easiest ways of initiating any form of interaction with locals and if you’re lucky, it could even lead to lifelong friendships! Here’s a little guide on how to say hello in 30 different languages.


Afrikaans: Hallo (Hal-oo)

Arabic: Marhaban / Alsalam alaykum (As-salam ala-kyum)

Argentinian: Encantado / Encantada Czech: Ahoj

Danish: Hej

Dutch: Hallo

English: Hello

Filipino: Kamusta

Finnish: Hei

French: Bonjour

German: Hallo / Guten tag (goo-ten-tag)

Greek: Yassas / Yassoo (Yas-sas / Yas-oo)

Hebrew: Shalom (sha-loam / sha-lom)

Hindi: Namaste (na-ma-stay)

Hungarian: Helló

Irish: Dia dhuit

Italian: Ciao (chow)

Japanese: Konichiwa (kon-neen-chee-wah)

Korean: annyeonghaseyo (ann-yeong-has-eyo)

Lithuanian: Sveiki

Mandarin: Ni hao

Mongolian: Sain Bainuu

Portugese: Olá

Russian: Zdravstvuyte (ZDRA-stvooy-tyeh)

Spanish: Hola (oh-LA)

Tamil: Vanakum (Van-a-koom)

Vietnamese: chào bạn

Welsh: Helo

Zambian: Bwanji

Zulu: Sawubona (saaw-u-bona)



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Hi World! I'm Shal - an environmental microbiologist, writer, teacher and artist from Durban, South Africa. I've spent the last two years traveling and teaching Chemistry and English to young kids in Asia. Life of Shal was founded as a way to share travel experiences, tips and other worldly magic with you! Join me on my journey!

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