Exploring Hout Bay

Situated just 30 minutes outside of the city center, Hout Bay forms one of the best sea-side neighborhoods in Cape Town. A short 20 kilometer drive outside of Cape Town city you’ll find long sandy beaches perfect for swimming and water sports.


Located on the northern side of Chapman’s Peak Drive, Hout Bay is surrounded entirely by mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. It was initially given its name by Dutch explorers who had discovered the area and realized the valuable wood commodity of the region.

Today however, the area is popular for its tourism and fishing activities.



Hout Bay has over 40 different restaurants and a host of antique and art shops to satisfy all types of explorers. Quaint weekend markets can be found here as well as one of the most active fishing harbors in all of South Africa. Fishing in fact is one of the characteristic traits of Hout Bay so be sure to head over to the Marina’s Wharf and try some freshly fried hake and chips!

Hake and Chips Hout Bay

The surrounding mountains offer great hiking routes and some of best views.



Take a stroll within the harbor and walk amongst yachts, power-boat marinas and old fishing boats or wait for the friendly seals to make an appearance.






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