10 Simple Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

You can’t do an island vacation without trying out the myriad of water sports available and if you find yourself on a beach with crystal clear waters, you can be sure there are some great dive spots nearby. If you’ve never been diving before, the thought of jumping into unknown waters with heavy gear on your back can be somewhat daunting. With the right preparation, research and practice, your fears can easily be eliminated and you’ll be diving like a pro in no time.

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Plan some scuba diving training, even if it’s just one beginners dive lesson to familiarize yourself with the equipment, how to use it and what you should be doing when below the water surface.


Choose a well-known dive school to help you with your training but be sure to do your own research too. Check reviews online, stalk their social media and see what people have been saying about them. Not only will it give you a better idea about the service you’ll be getting but you’ll also gain an idea if people trust them or not.

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Ask the right questions. After choosing your dive school, make a list of essential questions and don’t be afraid to ask them. Inquire about what the lessons cover, which dive spots you’ll be visiting, if it will be a cold or warm water dive and what kind of marine life you’ll be expected to see.


Practice swimming and yoga a few months before your trip. This will make your diving experience less scary as you get used to controlling your body movements under water. Yoga helps to improve your control and focus when breathing which is very important during scuba diving.

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Always have someone qualified check your equipment before you dive. Not only will you have peace of mind watching someone perform those checks, but you’ll also learn what you should be looking out for when it comes to dive equipment.


Always stay close to your guide and never stray away, even if something looks interesting. Be wary of your distance from your guide and if you feel like the current is causing to drift too far off, either swim back immediately or use your underwater signals and notify your instructor.

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Before getting into the water, your instructor will teach you the simple signals for “great”, “okay” and “bad”. Practice these and be sure to use them to constantly communicate with your instructor when under water.


Exploring the undersea world is an amazing experience but remember some sea creatures can be aggressive when feeling threatened. It’s always best to never touch what you see and keep your distance from anything swimming by.

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Don’t scuba dive if you are pregnant, have a cold or open wounds.


Make sure your wet suit and mask fit properly. Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor if your gear is okay. Choose a wet suit that is suited to the temperature of the water you’ll be diving in and a mask that fits snugly against your face.

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