Top 10 Beaches in Bali

Beach vacations are one of the best ways to disconnect from the fast paced monotony of everyday life. The tropical island of Bali forms a perfect family destination filled with rich culture, spirituality and friendly locals, not to mention some of the freshest and most delicious Indonesian food around!  Tucked away in little corners of the island you will find a host of secret beaches which are perfect for relaxing while the ocean breeze blows through your hair. Here are my top 10 picks for the best beaches in Bali.

Kuta Beach

Located on the western side of the island, Kuta was once a quiet fishing village. Now a bustling resort town filled with endless hotels, restaurants and shopping areas, this is one of the hippest places around. Kuta beach itself is filled with surfers and party goers, especially during peak season (July to August) and the festive season (December to January) so be sure to book early or alternatively spend a day here and book your accommodation in at a quieter location.


Seminyak Beach

Starting on the outskirts of Kuta and running up along Canggu; Seminyak is one of Bali’s most fashionable beaches. Running for about 5 kilometres, here you will find some of the best beach clubs Bali has to offer. It’s one of the best beaches to learn how to surf or to just relax on one of the many colourful beanbags located at La Plancha while ordering a drink.

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Nusa Dua Beach

One of the best family orientated beaches, Nusa Dua borders the coastline of one of Bali’s best tourist areas. Here you will find some of the best five star hotels, a fancy shopping complex, tons of family-centered restaurants and a golf course! It’s the perfect location for a family day out.


Jimbaran Bay

Located on Bali’s southwestern coast, Jimbaran Beach is popularly known for its soft white sands that stretch for close to 3 kilometers. Along the beach you will find little secluded areas if you’re looking for a quiet and private spot to relax and escape the hustle and bustle. This is also one of Bali’s biggest seafood hubs with local fisherman selling their fresh catches here every morning. This is the perfect spot for a memorable family dinner on the bay. Choose your dinner straight from the many water tanks and choose a table under the stars as you bury your feet in the sand.


Candidasa beach

Located in the Samuh neighborhood, just 12 kilometers south west of Amlapura, Candidasa beach is a perfect spot for all family budgets. Here you will find a range of accommodation types and restaurants that differ in quality and preference.

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Sanur beach

Located on the eastern coast of the island, Sanur Beach still retains its small fishing village charm. Here you will find an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops and bars as well as tons of local art and culture. While the waters here are not as blue as some of the other beaches around, the traditional boats lining the beach will more than make up for it. On the north side you will also find a small craft and clothing market and a few food stalls.


Geger Beach

Known as one of Bali’s best beaches and hidden somewhere in Nusa Dua, Geger Beach is popular for swimming and snorkeling. This is one of the best clear watered beaches to visit if you are looking for a quiet afternoon away from the crowds. Here you will also find seaweed farms where seaweed is harvested and used for cosmetic production.


Amed Beach

Not your typical beach front scene, Amed beach is known for its black sands from volcanic deposits and surrounding dramatic landscapes. Here you will find a flat bottomed lagoon and some of Bali’s most vibrant coral reefs, making this one of the best locations for learning to snorkel and dive. While here, be sure to make a trip to the sunken Liberty Shipwreck nearby.

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Padang Padang Beach

For all the travelista’s out there, you might just recognize this beach from the famous Eat, Pray, Love movie. It’s easy to see why Julia Roberts fell for her Brazilian lover here as many regard this as one of Bali’s prettiest beaches. Located in Uluwatu on the southernmost tip of the island, Padang Padang is filled with calm waters, a glistening white bay area and beautiful rock formations. This beach is any travelers paradise and while it can get crowded due to its popularity, it should be on any travelling family’s list. The best time to visit is around sunrise. Get here early to secure a good spot.


Sundays Beach Club

One of southern Bali’s exclusive beaches, Sundays Beach Club is well known for its private white sandy bays, turquoise waters and a famous offshore coral reef. Located at the bottom of a cliff face, this secret spot is well known for its sunset bonfires and is one of the best locations for snorkeling and kayaking. The Beach Club itself forms part of The Ungasan Clifftop Resort making ease five star services just within reach. This is probably one of the most picturesque locations around with a host of available water activities like sea kayaking and snorkelling.

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