15 signs that you’re a wanderluster

You’ve just got back from a trip and exhausted as you are, you’re almost ready for the next one. You look around and everything seems to remind you of being on the road again. You pull out your laptop and what starts out as checking your email ends with checking the latest flight specials. Seems like you (and me!) may just have a serious case of wanderlust!


  1. You always open those emails with flight specials

It’s an irresistible craving that you didn’t realize you had, until you see the email subject line: “Emirates: Special fares to Europe from…” and immediately open and scroll through. Let’s face it, airline specials are one of the best motivations for your next adventure.


  1. You have friends in cities around the world

While others brag about how they’ve been cleaning out their social media friends lists and keeping their closest friends to under ten, you realise that you’ll probably never be able to relate to that. You make friends and form bonds with people in every city you’ve been too and still keep in touch with them to this day.


  1. You name your shoes according to the places you’ve visited

While some collect stamps and stubs, you realise that you can actually now name your shoes, evening dresses and perhaps even your bags by the cities you’ve been too.

“That’s a gorgeous pair of heels! Where did you get it from?”

“Asos London.”

“Oh wow! Did you order it online?”

“No, I picked it up on Oxford Street last week.”

“I love you bag too!”

“Oh, this old thing?! It’s from V& D, Amsterdam. 2008 collection.”


  1. You stare at world maps for hours

You often find yourself staring at the world map on your wall for endless amounts of time, conversing with yourself about all sorts of travel related things. How far is Nepal from South Africa? Where is the Maldives again? Wow, Beijing and Hong Kong are so far apart…


  1. You value experiences more than things

While others may be occupied with buying houses and expensive cars, you’re busy with jotting down all the amazing things you saw and did on your last trip. To you (and me) having these ‘life experiences’ are more valuable than any expensive car. You would much rather walk among the locals in a poor unheard of village, see the smiles on their faces as they eagerly teach you about their culture and share moments together.


  1. You’re always currency converting in your head

No matter where you are or what you’re buying, you’re always doing a quick currency conversion in your head.

“How much is this in South African Rands? Oh okay…” ** mumbles to self ** “So in US Dollars… Euros… Chinese Yen… ah great! Not too badly priced at all. I’ll take it!”

Cashier looks at you strangely. You smile and awkwardly walk away with your purchase.


  1. You’ve started a collection of stamps… in your passport

Nothing makes you happier than looking at your passport and counting the stamps you’ve collected at border control counters as you entered and exited a country. You love the coco-de-mer symbol characteristic of The Seychelles and the little dodo representing Mauritius.


  1. Your Ipod has playlists labelled by country names

You have a playlist for every country you’ve been too and listen to them over and over to amp you up for your trip… and keep listening to them when reminiscing about your time in that place after you return home.


  1. You can almost instantaneously guess where a person is from just by hearing them speak (yet still ask anyway)

When meeting new people the first thing you do is listen intently to their accent. Clocks turn and within a matter of seconds you’re able to guess where they are from. Of course, you politely follow with a “Are you from…” which leads to endlessly wonderful conversation about the country they are from.


  1. You can say hello, goodbye and thank you in many languages

You know the importance of knowing some basic phrases and being able to converse with locals so you always make a point of learning the essential three’s (Hello! / Goodbye! / Thank you!) of every country you visit.


  1. You see travel inspiration in your food (and pretty much everywhere you go)

No matter where you go or what you do, there is always something that reminds you of being on the road.


  1. You find calm in airports

You always jump at the opportunity to fetch, meet or drop-off someone at the airport. Something about that sacred place calms you and it means you get a quick glimpse of those departure boards.


  1. You hardly ever feel jet lagged

Jet lag is no longer an issue for you. Your body quickly adjusts and you’re up and ready to explore from the minute of dropping your bags off at the hotel.


  1. You always know what the time is in at least five different countries

Having visited and lived in more countries than you can count on one hand, you’re easily able to tell someone what the time is in The Netherlands, China, Dubai, London and Paris right now.


  1. You always start giving travel advice when your friends say… “I wish I could visit…”

You love when people around you start talking about their upcoming trips or places they are thinking of visiting because… most of the time you’ve already been there! This means you get to offer free and honest advice about places to stay, things to do and even what street food to eat! You absolutely love these kinds of conversations and the people behind you love listening because you help them feel reassured and confident about their travels. You’ve suddenly come to life and it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

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I'm Shalinee - a Geminian scientist who loves to travel, write, draw and eat chocolate. I've visited over twenty countries, published a Environmental Science encyclopaedia and somewhere along the way started a science communication company to help students and corporates translate that hard-to-read data generated in a lab. Other than that, I'm just searching for the magic still hidden in the world.

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  1. This was great to read! I’m a TCK and global nomad but it doesn’t seem like I’m a wanderluster… I convert currencies ALL the time and like guessing where someone’s from based on their accent but still feel jet lagged sometimes and don’t like most airports I’ve been to/through… I hope this will change because I do love traveling! || http://www.lorikemi.com

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