10 great travel mantras to live by every day

One of the things I love about travelling is that you don’t just get to see new places. Instead, you get to make amazing memories. Whether it be tasting exotic foods, diving in marine parks or just doing some sort of extraordinary activity, there’s something about travel that makes us a little braver, more relaxed and sometimes, even a completely new (and improved) person. But what happens when you get back from that trip? How do you feel?

Sure, you have all these wonderful memories but that spunky mojo you had a few days ago starts to die as soon as the monotony of everyday life sets in. You struggle to meet deadlines and rigidly stick to routines as you get bored and frustrated with life all over again.

It doesn’t have to be that way though! Those inspiring travel quotes that we think are only applicable when we pull out our passport shouldn’t have an expiry date. In fact, why can’t we live by those quotes every day? Fall in love with your city or town again. Go exploring. Find something magical in routines by changing it up and just live. To help you do that, here are 10 great travel mantras to help keep the wanderlust alive in your everyday life.


Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Beijing_ hina

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Big Ben

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Egypt

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Egypt_2

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Japan

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Eitihad Airlines

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_London

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_London_2

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Nijmegen

Life of Shal_Travel Mantra_Tokyo Disney Sea


Over to you! What travel mantras inspires you?!


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Hi World! I'm Shal - an environmental microbiologist, writer, teacher and artist from Durban, South Africa. I've spent the last two years traveling and teaching Chemistry and English to young kids in Asia. Life of Shal was founded as a way to share travel experiences, tips and other worldly magic with you! Join me on my journey!

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