A Quick Guide To Edinburgh

The medieval Scottish capital of Edinburgh is filled with neoclassical buildings, rolling hills and an endless history that engulfs the city (and you!) no matter where you stand. From the top of the Scott Monument to the colorful antique stores, here is a quick guide to Edinburgh.



Population: 1.4 million

Location: Edinburgh is located on the east coast of Southern Scotland

Climate: Temperate

Time Zone: UTC +0

Currency: Great British Pound



The weather in Edinburgh is often regarded as being temperate with excessive rains in summer and some pretty cold winters. July and August are usually the hottest months with average temperatures of 15 degrees while January is the coldest, usually around 3 degrees. The majority of rainfall occurs in October.



  1. Visit Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle forms one of Scotland’s most recognized monuments. Here you can view the crown jewels of Scotland, St Margaret’s Chapel which is now known as Edinburgh’s oldest building, the national war museum and the vaults that once held prisoners of war. If you love listening to history then either book a guided tour guide by the caste stewards or an audio guide which is available in eight different languages.


  1. See the Scott monument

The Scott monument forms the largest monument in the world dedicated solely to a writer, more specifically Sir Walter Scott who was a novelist, playwright and poet. Climb the 287 steps which lead to the top of the monument from where you can overlook both the city of Edinburgh and the beautiful countryside.


  1. Visit the National galleries of Scotland

The Scottish National Gallery is found in central Edinburgh and was first opened to the public in 1859. Today it houses an array of artworks from the early renaissance period to the end of the nineteenth century.  Here you’ll find works by Raphael, Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh. The best part is that admission is free.


  1. Shop on Victoria Street

Victoria Street forms a unique eclectic shopping area where you can find almost anything from tartan skirts to art to cheese! It also forms one of the most photographed locations in Edinburgh because of the colorful store fronts.



  1. Taste Haggis

You can’t visit Scotland without tasting at least one of their iconic dishes. This time, it’s going to be haggis. This savory pudding usually contains a variety of sheep heart, liver and lungs; all minced together with some spices. It is traditionally served encased in the animal’s stomach.

Read more on my experience tasting haggis here.


DSCN0695 (2)
Tasting haggis in Edinburgh

Have you been to Edinburgh? Do you have any recommendations on things to do and see?

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  2. We visited Edinburgh once, in December 2008. I wouldn’t mind an England/Scotland trip – it was so long ago, I barely remember the details… that’s my story for needing another holiday there, and I’m sticking to it. 😉

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