A Quick Guide To Nijmegen

The quaint little town of Nijmegen is one of the oldest places nestled away in The Netherlands. Seated on the Waal River and close to the German Border, this catholic university town is home to over 15 000 students. If you’re looking for more information on this little Dutch town, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a quick guide to Nijmegen.



Population: approximately 170 000

Location: Gelderland Province, The Netherlands

Climate: summer: 20 to 25 degrees; winter -5 to 5 degrees; sporadic rainfall

Time Zone: GMT +1

 Local Currency: Euro



The Netherlands climate is often classified as being warm and temperate with most visitors arriving sometime between the summer months of June and August. Early autumn in September is also a beautiful time to roam the city as trees start changing color and leaves drift to the floor, leaving piles of brown and orange everywhere.


You can also plan your visit around some of the major annual events. Tulips are in full bloom around April and May. Queens Day is also celebrated at the end of April, turning the town into a sea of orange. Santa takes over the town in the form of a Sinterklaas Festival around November when children (and adults!) dress up act and as his helpers.




These tiny fluffy pancakes covered in icing sugar, a little butter and syrup are delicious on a cold day… or any day for that matter.



 Appeltert (apple pie)

The Dutch have been enjoying appeltaart (apple pie) for centuries. It is said that the first printed cookbook in 1514 even contained a recipe for Dutch apple pie! Don’t think we need more justification than that. Add a dollop of whipped cream, order a coffee and you’re good to go.


Undoubtedly the most famous eat in The Netherlands. A stroopwafel is a paper-thin waffle sandwich, filled with a sweet and sticky syrup in between. Best after placing over a cup of coffee so that the steam melts the syrup. Yum.



Deep fried battered cod fish covered in a mayonnaise-based or a garlic sauce. Delicious on a cold day.

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Sint Stevenskerk

Also known as The Great Church, this is one of the oldest and largest churches in Nijmegen. Here you can hear the famous König organ being played, climb the tower or visit the burial vault of Catherine of Bourbon.


Kronenburger Park

Wander through a park filled with weeping willows, ducks and swans.


Grote Markt

This traditional square in the middle of town is beautifully lined with restored buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries.


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Hello – hoi / hallo

Yes – ja

No – nee

Thank you! – dank u wel! (dahnk-ew-vehl / dahnk-yuh-vehl)

Your welcome – Graag gedaan (khrahkh khuh-dahn)

Please – Alstublieft / Alsjeblieft (ahlst-ew-bleeft / ahl-shuh-bleeft)


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