14 Best Dive Spots in The Seychelles

The Seychelles offers some of the best dive spots in the world. With the archipelago sitting approximately 10 degrees below the equator, consisting of 115 islands and spanning a distance of over 1000 kilometers, this forms a perfect location for year round diving. The best months for diving are between March – May and October – November when you can have a water visibility of up to 30 meters. Water temperatures at this time, varies between 26 – 30 °C. The three inner islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are the must visit places when it comes to scuba diving. Here you will find a range of accredited diving centers with trained officials who will help you along regardless of your diving experience. Dive sites range in depth, with shallow dives of 8 meters to deeper dives of 30 meters and beyond. Here are 14 of the best dive spots in the Seychelles.


This is one of the most famous wrecks in the Seychelles. It is believed to have sunk 8 miles north east of Victoria in June, 1970. The wreck itself is about 30 meters deep.


This wreck was deliberately sunk for diving purposes in 1989. Dives range from 12 – 24 meters in depth. This dive is popular for night diving. Be sure to look out for the resident lion fish.


The Dredger wreck was also deliberately sunk in 1989 and allows for dives of between 18 – 26 meters.


This location consists of two rocky inlets and are host to many fish species.


The Fishermen’s Cove Reef is a popular site for novice divers. This reef is close to the Beau Vallon Dive Center and offer dives of up to 15 m in depth. Here you will see Hawksbill turtles, parrot fish as well as hard and soft corals.


The Shark Bank is very popular among tourists and is between 19 meters and 45 meters deep. If you want to see fan corals, huge Grouper, Barracuda and Stingrays then this may be the place for you to dive.


Therese Island offers dives between 12 – 18 meters in depth. Divers will normally see Stingrays and Reef Sharks here.


The Trompeuse Rocks are a popular diving location with thick coral reefs and many fish species. The dive spot lies 24 km to the north of Mahod.


This is a more shallow diving opportunity with just 5 – 13 m of depth. These rocks are located towards the north west end of Beau Vallon Bay. Here you will see a range of coral reefs.


The is a pinnacle dive site and offers dives with a depth of 20 meters. Here you will typically see tons of tropical fish and whale sharks. There is also a cave for you to explore.


To the north east end of the Beau Vallon Bay is a tiny granite island which forms the site for a beautiful drop-off dive spot. Here you will find massive ravines framed by big granite boulders. You can dive to a depth of 30 meters here and explore walls covered in soft corals and see a wealth of marine life ranging from crayfish to turtles, stingrays to eels, reef sharks and sometimes whale sharks. This is a great site for advanced divers offering night dives.


In the north of Silhouette Island is the famous Anse Monton dive and snorkel site. This is ideal for beginners as you will find a small coral reef that slopes creating dive spots ranging in depth from 5 – 12 meters.


North Rock is best for diving around April – May and October – December. This dive spot is ideal for coral lovers and is famous for its pelagic life (undersea life that lies neither close to the bottom or near to the shore). From just 12 meters you will begin to see an array of diversity including bat fish, crocodile fish, angel fish, octopus and even unicorn fish.


This is another shipwreck that has been purposefully sunk just for diving purposes but has become a haven for marine fauna over the years. Here you will be able to dive to depths of up to 30 m. Since it is a deeper dive, you will need to be a little more advanced with your diving abilities.

Have you scuba dived in the Seychelles? Where’s your favorite spots?

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