Girly Things to Pack When Traveling

For my female travelers out there, here are ten girly things to pack when traveling.


  1. Earphones and a good playlist

One of the things I never leave home without is a good playlist and earphones.

Depending on the airline, the music on board may or may not be the best, so I always like to have a playlist stored on my iPod or phone for those extremely long flights. I also tend to prefer using my own earphones rather than what airlines give me too. Besides, you never know when it will come in handy – maybe you’re seated next to a noisy fellow passenger or rather rented a car that allows you to plug in your device.


  1. A Good Book

Just like good music, a good book can be a great escape. Many people like to preload a few books on their phones, iPads or kindles, but for me – a pure good old paperback is what I need. Besides keeping me company on a long flight, one of the things I love doing on beach-side vacations, is digging my toes in the sand while chilling out with a good book. Besides some good R&R, it’s great for your mind too – peace, quiet and solitude within the confines of a book. What more do you need really.


  1. Emergency items: Sewing kit, Cramp medicine, Pimple cream, hairbands

You never know when your shorts may tear or even how your body will react to the new environment while traveling. Having these female staples in your bag will not only make your life easier but will turn what could be a stressful situation into something less.


  1. Extra and pretty underwear

Let’s just get straight into it – extra undies are definite must-have. You never know what you’re sporting activities you’re going to do or when you’ll need an extra shower and wardrobe change so these are definite must-haves. Also, don’t forget the pretty ones – you know – the strapless bra or black seamless bottoms. It’s pointless bringing a little black dress if you don’t have the right underwear for the outfit, right? A few extra pairs won’t take up that much space and you’ll be grateful for having them.


  1. Summer and Winter Pajamas

You never know what the temperature of your hotel room is going to be like. There have been times when I just could not adjust the room temperature and either froze or overheated! That’s why I usually take two sets of PJ’s with me – something summery and something a little warmer. Often I just pack some long pants with interchangeable strap tops or t-shirts that can also be used with my summer sleep shorts too. That way, I’m packing less items that can be mixed, matched and versatile.


  1. Conditioner

Depending on where you’re going, your hair may or may not agree to the change in weather conditions. Usually in much colder, less humid areas, my hair dries out. Carrying my own conditioner means that I can ensure my hair doesn’t dry as much as it would, had I not brought it. My favorite part about bringing my conditioner though, is that it doubles up as shaving cream! I usually massage some onto my legs before shaving. It certainly leaves my legs smoother, softer and glowing. That’s a bonus, right?


  1. Low GI snacks

I usually pack an array of unhealthy snacks when I travel – mini chocolate bars, candy and the like. Recently after being stuck in Dubai for an additional three hours, I have started being a little smarter about my travel snacks. Packing healthier low GI snacks means that should you encounter a flight delay, car break down or even be stuck in a place with pretty awful food – you’ll be able to eat something that will sustain you until you get to the nearest food outlet. Granola bars, dried fruit strips, vegetable chips and raw nuts are pretty good snacks to take along.


  1. Weather-related gear

Being prepared for changes in weather is a pretty smart thing to do. I usually pack an umbrella, sun screen, flip flops, a pair of closed shoes and some mosquito repellent. Despite having checked the weather forecast, you never know when a freak shower will hit or rather when you’ll find a secret beach and want to explore. Being prepared for changes in weather means that should this happen, you’ll be prepared and will still be able to have a great time.


  1. Light weight Jackets & Scarves / Shawls

I have been on way too many flights where the airplane was just too cold. Similarly, you never know what the temperature will be like in the evenings. I always like to take along one versatile looking light weight jacket that will go with almost all my outfits – jeans or dresses. Scarves themselves are pretty versatile items too. They can be used in cold weather to keep your neck warm, in warm weather to pull your hair back or to cover your shoulders and even thrown over a cute evening dress.


  1. Emergency Numbers

You never know when an emergency will arise. Having emergency numbers of family members and friends readily available will mean that anyone will be able to contact your loved ones, should they need too. Have these written and stored in at least two or three different places, especially if you’re traveling solo.


Are there any other essential items that should be added to this list? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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