20 Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle

This year I’m making a more concerted effort to live a healthier lifestyle… but what does a healthier lifestyle actually mean? More than that, this is my question to the Universe – why do so many people shy away from healthy living? Maybe it’s the word lifestyle itself which immediately makes everyone assume that this […]

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Emergency Kits 101: be prepared for anything

emergency kit

With so much going on in the world today, from natural disasters, violent political unrest and a global pandemic that seems as if it will never end, having an already assembled, ready-to-go emergency kit at home has become somewhat of a necessity. Emergencies strike when you least expect it and, in that moment, we don’t […]

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LOS Global Kitchen: Shoyu Ramen

The pandemic has slowed down travel for most of us and while we’re stuck indoors, it’s forced us to be creative and come up with other ways to keep travel alive. I’ve decided to start a new series on this blog: the LOS Global Kitchen! In this series I’m going to try recreating many of […]

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LOS Book Club: Home Body By Rupi Kaur

I love poetry in all its forms. It’s a play on words that somehow, when strung together resonates to the deepest parts of your soul. Which is why I love Rupi Kaur and her well-known collections. She has a way with words, talking to our darkest deepest haunts and fears. It’s also why I was […]

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Restaurants Around The World: Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen

Do you love Ramen as much as me? Well then you’re going to love Ivan Ramen located in New York City! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as popular ramen places in the Big Apple, until my little sister made us a reservation at one of New York City’s most popular ramen […]

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How I Left Home With $2000 and Travelled for 2.5 Years

Happy Valley Beijing

I left home to travel on my own for the very first-time in 2011. Back then I was still a student, completing my Master’s degree and I had been awarded an Erasmus scholarship to study abroad in the small town of Nijmegen, NL. I had travelled before on holidays with my parents… in fact, ever […]

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