Unexpectedly Tasting Shark Fin Soup In China

Food forms a big part of Chinese culture with tradition and meaning accompanying almost every step of a meal. Business dinners, weddings and other special occasions are almost always met with some form of exotic dish. Shark fin soup is a delicacy found in traditional Chinese cuisine and is made from the fins of various […]

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Birthdays In China

Going on adventures and living in different cities means that at some point or another, you’re going to experience a birthday (or two) away from family back home. Here’s how I spent my 29th birthday in China!

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A Simple Guide To Trying Local Street Food In China

Local Foods China

I was never a girl to try local street food but truth be told: my perception of street food soon changed after living in China for two and half years. Street food is not just food in China, it’s a culture. In fact, I’d be so bold as to say, it’s a way of life. […]

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How I survived a monsoon in Guangdong, China

A Guide To Surviving Asian Monsoons

My first year in China was filled with all sorts of adventures. From unknowingly tasting shark fin soup at a teacher’s dinner to trekking to the 10th tower of the Great Wall – the adventures were endless. But I guess that is why we travel… to push ourselves to the limits and not just see […]

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Tasting Bullfrog in China

One of the things I love about China is the endless opportunities to try new and exotic foods. The Chinese love their food and eating a meal is a tradition that should be done both on time and with large numbers of people. Chinese dining etiquette is very different to western eating habits. It is […]

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How to Survive Getting Sick in China

Getting Sick In China

Whilst venturing out into the unknown can be a life-changing experience, at some point, you might get sick. Amidst reading up on local food and culture sometimes we forget about the important stuff, like how to handle a medical emergency or getting sick in a new city. Perhaps one of the scariest things for a young female […]

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