100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

I love creating new content for my blog. Over the years Life of Shal has become a reflection of my personal life and all the experiences that make up who I am. More than that, it’s become a way for me to share all of that with the World, making so many more friends online than I’ve ever imagined!

Often, I find myself having great inspirational days where streams of ideas are constantly flowing. Those are great days for content creation. I make myself a cup of coffee and just sit and brainstorm new posts, marketing ideas and the overall vision for my blog.

But, like every blogger, there are those days where I have no inspiration at all. As hard as I try, things just don’t go as planned. It’s at those times that I find it harder to stick to my blogging routine. If there are any other bloggers out there who have these on /off days, then please leave me a comment below! I’d love to know that I’m not alone in this content-creating world, where we have good and bad days!

So as a way to streamline ideas for post creation, I’ve decided to share 100 lifestyle blog post ideas. These ideas are for any blogger to use, especially when you’re having one of those uninspired days, experiencing writers block or even if you’re just looking for some new content ideas.

Here goes!

What is a lifestyle blog?

Let’s start by defining a blog. I like to define a blog as an author’s personal online diary, almost like a snapshot of things that make up their life… but online. Similarly, a lifestyle blog is better defined as a digital representation of the author’s everyday life. Most often, lifestyle bloggers create content inspired by their own interests and daily activities. What this means, is that every lifestyle blog is different depending on the person behind the blog! No two blogs will ever be the same. It also means there’s a whole other community of friends out there who share a similar set of interests and passions as you do! (I love that!)

It also means that lifestyle blogging categories will vary and you’ll find a blog for almost everything under the sun. From Health and Wellness to Personal Growth to Travel, Home and Gardening!

If you’re thinking of starting a lifestyle blog and don’t know where to start, then how about using some of the ideas below? Pick a topic and just start writing. It’s the best way to start.

Below I’ve created a list of 100 lifestyle blog post ideas. I’ve broken down these ideas into different categories to make it easier depending on your niche. These ideas are also the type of posts I love to read, so if you’re writing a blog post about any of the topics below, leave me a comment and a link and I’ll definitely check it out.

I hope these will inspire you to start creating!

Personal life

  1. Life lately
  2. 10 random, fun interesting facts about YOU
  3. Your personal goals and why
  4. What you’ve learned in the past year
  5. A personal story about something close to you
  6. Give advice to your younger self
  7. Monthly / Quarterly life updates
  8. Personal bucket lists
  9. Books you would recommend
  10. Useful resources in your life

Health and Wellness

  1. How to develop a new healthy habit
  2. Your morning / nightly self-care routine
  3. Self-care ideas for when you’re having a bad day
  4. Small steps that lead to a healthier you
  5. Your journey to health and fitness
  6. Healthy breakfast ideas
  7. Benefits of water / how to drink more water in a day
  8. How to minimize stress
  9. How to create and maintain a habit tracker
  10. How to meal prep and stick to it

Personal Growth

  1. How to reach your personal goals
  2. Best ways to practice gratitude
  3. Using a bullet journal for productivity 
  4. Productivity apps you can’t live without
  5. Life lessons that inspired you
  6. 10 ways to get out of your comfort zone
  7. (x) habits for a better life
  8. How to set boundaries
  9. Creating a vision board
  10. How to manifest your goals
Solo Travel Tips


  1. How to take better travel photos
  2. Your favourite travel apps
  3. The travel items you don’t actually need
  4. Hacks for cheaper travel
  5. Mistakes you made when travelling to (insert country name)
  6. The moment you realized when travel changed your life
  7. The weirdest things you’ve eaten while travelling
  8. Places you would never travel too again
  9. How to travel with another person
  10. Your essential packing list for (insert country name)
The Great Wall, Simatai, Life of Shal

Fashion and Beauty

  1. Building a capsule wardrobe
  2. Best facemask recipes
  3. Your essential beauty tips
  4. Choosing the best products on the market
  5. How to get your favourite international beauty products
  6. What’s in your make up draw
  7. Your daily skincare regime
  8. What products have you recently purchased
  9. Beauty essentials you can’t live without
  10. Your best seasonal looks
Local Foods Japan


  1. Recipes (breakfast, lunch, supper)
  2. Simple easy to make snacks
  3. Seasonal posts
  4. Share your favorite blog sites
  5. Replicate a recipe
  6. Cookbooks you’re craving at the moment
  7. A lazy day dinner recipe
  8. Cooking / baking essentials
  9. Your favorite picnic ideas
  10. Try making a dish from another country (share the recipe, tips and tricks!)


  1. Monthly blogging goals and strategies
  2. The best blogging resources for a successful blog
  3. Daily Instagram story ideas
  4. How to attracting your ideal readers
  5. What is SEO and how do improve it?
  6. How to plan blogging content quickly and efficiently
  7. How to find your blog niche
  8. 10 newbie mistakes every blogger should avoid
  9. Everything you need to know about starting a blog
  10. A day in the life of a full-time blogger


  1. Book Club: What you’re reading this month
  2. Your favorite TED talks
  3. Yoga 101: everything you need to get started
  4. Your photography essentials
  5. Gardening tips every home owner should know
  6. Essential art supplies you must have
  7. How to create your best creative space
  8. DIY posts (travel journals, candle making, life binders, etc)
  9. Writing for beginners: what sparks your creativity
  10. How to spend more time on your hobbies

Home Décor

  1. How to declutter your kitchen
  2. Getting your home ready for (any season)
  3. How to create a minimalistic home
  4. Best ways to get your home ready for (winter)
  5. Top 10 plants every home needs
  6. Switching to eco-friendly products
  7. The best kitchen counter décor ideas
  8. How to create a coffee station in your home
  9. Organizing 101: everything you need to know
  10. Your best holiday décor ideas
simple art studio design


  1. Best ideas for no-spend weekends
  2. Your favorite side hustles ideas to make extra cash
  3. Money lessons learned the hard way
  4. Things you quit to save money
  5. How to stop living paycheck to paycheck
  6. How to invest your money
  7. Everything you need to know about building a retirement fund
  8. Adulting 101: How to save $1000 in 30 days
  9. How to budget for a house
  10. 10 habits of rich people (everything you should be doing)

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