10 Things To Do At The Start Of Every Month

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Don’t you just love new beginnings? Whether it’s the start of a new year, month or day – a new beginning is somewhat refreshing. There’s something about the idea of a new chapter that revitalizes the soul and nourishes the mind, leaving you feeling like anything is possible and no matter how many times you get something wrong, you can always start over!

In today’s post we’re talking about simple things you can do at the start of each and every month to help you reset, plan and hopefully have a smooth month ahead. The start of a new month is an excellent time to do some reflections on what has happened in the last month. It’s also a time to gracefully and courageously embrace the new month ahead.

So, without wasting anymore time, here are 10 simple tips on what you can do at the start of every month to help you reset, plan and transition into this new chapter of the year.

1. Set specific goals

The start of the month is a great way to break down yearly goals into smaller more achievable tasks that become more realistic. Take some time and write down all the steps you need to carry out to put you on a path of achieving your goals. Now sit back and look at your list… what can you do this month?

2. Plan your month

Planning your month ahead is a great way to become more organized. Start by writing down any important dates for the month, then work in your daily tasks and smaller, more specific goals that you want to work on.

3. Set your budget

Take some time and determine how much money you want to spend and save this month. Convert this into a budget that you look back at regularly. Knowing how much you have to spend allows you to manage your money in a more confident way which will leave you feeling like a strong independent woman!

4. Tie up any lose ends

Still got a few things that you didn’t get done last month? That’s okay. DO IT TODAY! Get those lagging tasks over with so the rest of the month can be more focused and intentional.

5. Schedule your appointments and meetings early

Granted, sometimes things will pop up out of nowhere and last minute… but at the start of the month you should have an idea of any essential appointments or meetings that need to happen. Schedule those in your diary now so you can clearly see where you have free time for other tasks. Penciling in these appointments and meetings now will leave you feeling more organized and on top of your game.

6. Have an “admin” day

We all hate doing admin… whether it be deleting unnecessary emails, organizing a pile of paperwork or opening mail that has been sitting on the dresser for the last few weeks. Admin needs to be done. Set one day at the beginning of the month to do all your admin related tasks. It will leave you feeling better about your life.

7. Clean your fridge and freezer

Set some time each month to clean out your fridge and throw away any expired food or things you just haven’t eaten in a while. Not only will you create more space, but you’ll start being more intentional about the food you eat. This will also help you get on the right track to planning meals and eating healthy.

8. Plan your meals and shop for essentials

Planning your meals is one of the best ways to start being more intentional about what you put in your body. It’s a great way to keep track of what you eat, how healthy you’ve been and keep ahead of your food budget. Start by making a list of all the foods items you have that still have not been eaten. Try to prioritise meal prep with these items. Them make a list of any essential day to day basics you will need.

9. Declutter your living space

Often life gets so busy that clutter seems to build up all around us. Not only does it create a messy space that hinders clear thinking, but it makes intentional living harder. Schedule one day at the start of the month to declutter your living space – put away any unnecessary items still lying around, rearrange your book shelves, change out your bedding and shuffle around your décor.

10. Clear out and change up your closet

Often the rut of daily life consumes us so much, that we forget to take a step back and look at our closet. Have you been wearing the same clothes week in and week out? Are their items that just don’t fit anymore? Are there cute items sitting somewhere with a tag on? Don’t be afraid, at the start of each month, to be brutally honest with yourself about what you actually wear and want to keep around. If you don’t use it, donate it.

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