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It’s the start of the new year and while the positive energy and good vibes are high, I thought of sharing a post to inspire you too. The last two years have been tough okay! Let’s just take a step back to admit and own that statement. I mean we are living through a global pandemic after all… but at some point, life has to normalize and YOU, dear reader, have to take ownership of YOUR life.

While that doesn’t mean flicking a switch and expecting everything to be happy and rosy all at once – it does mean being intentional about what you think, say and do.

That’s what today’s post is all about – how to live a life you love. How do we be more intentional with our life such that it helps us learn more about ourselves when making decisions and taking actions. 

One of the things 2021 taught me was that, by being more intentional in my decisions, I was actually getting closer to being my authentic self in everything I chose to do. My words, my thoughts and my actions were all starting to align with my belief system and what I value as an individual – all because I was being more intentional in the decisions and actions I was taking.

So how do you live a life you love? How do you live a life that is more intentional? Here are 10 simple ways to help you along your intentional journey.

Be honest with yourself

Make a warm cup of something delicious, find a quiet corner and start by being honest with yourself and asking yourself the following questions:

What do I want out of life?

What will truly make me happy?

Figure out what you truly want out of life and be honest about what really makes YOU happy, not anyone else. Write down everything that comes to mind – big or small. There are no right or wrong answers here and the only person that is going to see these answers is YOU.

Assess your life

Some people call this a Life Audit and rightfully so because it means taking a step back and assessing every area of your life. What currently makes you happy? Which aspects of your life leave you feeling drained? What have you been avoiding? Why is that? Now is the time to ask the difficult questions so you can find ways to prioritize, align and make changes… essentially leading to a life you love!

Practice gratitude

This is something I’m putting more focus into this year. By practicing gratitude, it allows you to take a look at the life you already have as a reminder of how far you have come, how hard you have worked and how much you have to be thankful for already.

Have a daily plan

Having a daily plan is one of the best ways to start being more intentional about the things you do. It’s one of the best ways to structure and prioritize what needs to done, what makes you happy and what obligations you have. It also is the perfect way to start being mindful about the things you need to do versus the things you want to do. By creating a daily plan you’re actually starting to be intentional about the tasks you complete in a day.

Create a vision board

Creating a vision board is one of the best things I ever started doing for my life. A vision board is all about visually motivating yourself, in conscious and unconscious ways to start thinking and acting towards the things you envision for yourself. You have to adjust your mindset and energy vibrations in order to achieve the things you want out of life, and a vision board is the first road to helping you do this.

You can read my post about creating a vision board here.

Start journaling

Journaling is a great way to start living a more intentionally. It’s a great place for you to create lists, track goals, and release any creative energy you have. The best part? It’s a completely blank journal so you can track anything and everything you want – from health and fitness goals, reading lists, podcasts listened to and how to work towards your goals.

Start saying NO!

Why do so many of us feel guilty about saying no? what is it that makes us feel guilty and somewhat obligated to say yes, even when we want to say no? This is one of the first lessons that every free-thinking independent woman needs to master – the art of saying NO and not feeling guilty about it.

Saying no isn’t a bad thing, it simply means no. Practice normalizing saying no to small things you don’t feel like doing or have the energy for or which simply doesn’t add value to your life. Simply say no without an explanation and move on to your next task.

Declutter your life (and your mind!)

A lot of us like holding on to things that, while at some point had value and purpose, now does not. Take a step back and ask yourself why do you still keep these things around? Why haven’t you unsubscribed to all those emails that spam you day in and day out. Decluttering creates a form of simplicity and clarity which is so important for intentional living. It forces you to become more mindful of the things (and people) you choose to keep in your space.

Make time for what you enjoy

Prioritize YOU and make sure to schedule time in your daily plan for the things you enjoy doing. Do this every day. It could be something as simple as painting a picture or taking a bubble bath before bed. Scheduling time each day for the things you enjoy helps maintain a balance in your life and overall happiness. So often we push back the things we enjoy for a late evening meeting, or to write a report, but remember all of these things increase the chances of burnout and stress. So, make time for what you enjoy and stick to it.

Spend more time outdoors

Fresh air is one of the best ways to reset your mind, body and soul. It’s the best way for forgetting about work and clearing your head. Make a habit of spending some time outdoors every day and taking in the fresh air – away from phones, computers and any other stresses and technological devices. Add this to your daily plan and track it in journal so you can be more intentional about it.

What are some of the steps you are taking to be more intentional this year? How are you breaking those steps down to achieve your goals? I’d love to hear your helpful tips in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you in the next post.

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