20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Deventer

Deventer is one of those beautiful medieval towns located in the Overijssel province of The Netherlands. Situated just 88 km’s outside of Amsterdam this historic city is definitely worth a visit any time of the year.

Every Dutch town has its own personality and Deventer is definitely not short of that. This centuries-old city encompasses its rich history with well-known monuments, beautiful city squares, churches and museums. How can you not get lost in such beauty?

One quiet evening on our wanderings it seemed our adventuring brought us to the little town of Deventer.

We wandered through the Brink city square and past the Lebuinuskerk church. Cobblestoned streets seemed to make everything magical when you’re a student studying abroad.

We explored little alleyways and backdoor streets.

Found cute little balconies and glistening fairy-tale book lights.

As the night crept in and the little town of Deventer went to sleep, three twenty-something girls continued to roam the empty streets. Freedom never felt so magical.

Our fingertips and toes though? Frozen. Winter in The Netherlands is no joke but when you’re a student, everything is fun.

We played on the doorsteps of the sleeping. Laughed through the streets and wandered on.

Somewhere in between, we found some street art that resembled an excerpt from one of our favourite Charles Dickens novels. Could this city be any more magical?

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