LOS Book Club: Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

Good Vibes Good Life

My sister recently shared a book with me that she had been reading: Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King.

She started by telling me how great the book was making her feel about life. This got me interested because she isn’t a big reader to begin with. I’ve been trying to get her to read more books for years so we can have coffee and book chats. In fact, that’s why I started the LOS Book Club, so I can meet likeminded woman who enjoy reading great books!

You can imagine my surprise when my sister kept telling me, every day, for three consecutive weeks that I NEED to read this book by Vex King.

We’ve been on an entire streak to change our lifestyle this year and focus more on our mental health, bodies and manifestations. One evening we were having a conversation about how difficult was to eat healthy. With our busy work schedules I was finding less and less time to actually sit down and eat a good lunch. This was resulting in me consuming more coffee and less actual food. It usually meant that I ended up eating one big meal at the end of the day when I got home from work. My sister grabbed the book and started reading a snippet that she had highlighted a few days back:

Everything you eat and drink is important, as it affects your vibration and reality. Think about it: how can you feel good if you don’t ingest good foods and good fluids?

The foods that leave us feeling sleepy and sluggish are those that vibrate at a lower frequency. Hence when we eat them. Our vibration also changes.


I was intrigued.

She went on to explain that different types of foods have different electromagnetic powers that give of different vibrations. So, for example, a high vibrational food (like fresh fruit, raw vegetables, olives, almonds, sunflower seeds) will leave you feeling more vitalized while low vibrational foods like white breads, refined sugar, processed cheeses lower our vibrational energy and leave us feeling more tired.

What you consume, consumes you; what consumes you, controls your life


Sounded like a good book to me! I borrowed the book and started reading it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book that left me feeling like I needed to know what comes next – let alone a book about life. I enjoyed it on so many levels. In fact, I couldn’t put the book down. Often I found myself constantly repeating back lines I had read and wondering what little nuggets of wisdom the next chapters would hold.

Repeating affirmations is a conscious process. It’s the act of sending instructions to your subconscious mind. Once these beliefs are planted, your subconscious mind will do everything it can to bring these ideas to fruition.

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Good Vibes Good Life: How Self-Love is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness

Vex King’s Good Vibes Good Life, is just about that – how loving and taking care of yourself is the key to living a good life. In order to love and take care of yourself, you need to do the little things (or sometimes not so little things) that leave you vibrating on a higher state. This in turn will bring positive energy to your life. He goes on to tell you HOW to actually achieve this. That’s the key and what makes this book so different.

Your mentality forms your reality. So the next time someone tells you you’re being unrealistic about your goal and to come back to reality, realize that it’s only their reality that they’re talking about, not yours.


The book takes a more practical approach on addressing the things that could bring you down. This could be anything from poor habits and people around you to past trauma. It then also describes how to handle those kinds of situations and what you should do to keep your vibration high and positive.

The Chapter titles were great and to the point: For example: Stay clear of gossip and drama, handling negative people, let your good vibes protect you, your mentality is your reality, Lessons will repeat themselves and flow with the universe.

Each chapter of the Good Vibes Good Life book is about 2 -3 pages long and King doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells it like is and offers great advice on how to unlearn any negative habits you may already have. I also loved his references and links to past research, written papers and philosophical ideas. It tells me that there was some real research done behind the advice the book gives.

good vibes good life, vex king, books

Who is Vex King?

Vex king is a mind coach, writer and lifestyle entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Bon Vita lifestyle brand which is a platform for delivering empowering perspectives and inspirational life lessons.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book. Have you read it? How did it make you feel? Leave me a comment down below!

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