20 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Universal Studios Japan RIGHT NOW!

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When we planned out trip to Japan, apart from Tokyo DisneySea, one of the places that was high up on my list was Universal Studios Japan! I had never been to any of the Universal Studios before so I knew it was a must visit for me. More so because of the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was there! I had only seen pictures of this world so this was going to be a dream come true! We visited in October which is the month of all things creepy and Halloween related… so we had other surprises in store.

Did you know that at night the park turns into a completely different land filled with all things creepy and crazy? Now I’m talking adult themed horror…. The Ring, Chucky and random zombies and strangers walking around with chainsaws just because they can. The horror mazes are something else. I think I’m going to have to do a whole separate post on Universal Studios Japan during Halloween! Let me know if you guys would like this!

Visit the Universal Studios Japan website here.

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