15 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Osaka

I’ve started this photo diary series as a way to scrap book all my travel photos online but more that, to inspire you to visit the beautiful places I have around the world. Sometimes when travelling you find the most unexpected of things and that’s why every traveller’s adventure is different! Here are 15 photos to inspire you to visit Osaka!

Osaka is easily one of my favourite Japanese cities and it’s about to become yours too 🙂

We spent a good few days here and crammed in as much as we could, taking trains, planes and just pure walking! Naturally we needed an entire day for Universal Studios and needless to say we were not disappointed! Visiting Universal Studios in October meant that at night the entire parks transforms into a creepy zombie filled park…. eek!

Osaka is known for being the culinary capital of Japan which is why the Dotonbori food street was more than epic with so much to taste and try…. we didn’t know where to begin. Tasting takoyaki was an experience I’ll never forget. It’s one of the most delicious (and filling) snacks you’ll find around Japan and consists of pieces of Octapus fried into doughy balls of goodness and topped with katsuobushi or bonito flakes. Yum!

We explored the streets at night, played hours of Pokémon Go because, well, how can you come to Japan and not play Pokémon Go on the streets? We wandered through markets and ate to our hearts content! What an adventure. I hope you enjoyed this short photo diary and feel just a little bit more inspired to visit Osaka!

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