How to Bring the Outdoors to You (when you’re stuck inside)

With so much staying at home going on, for many us, we’re starting to feel a tad bit claustrophobic. Borders are closed, national parks are closed, heritage sites are closed and well, we’re left with… our little homes. While I love staying home (also because I recently moved in to my new apartment), looking at the same four walls day in and day out can be somewhat suffocating. That said I’ve soon realised there are tons of way to bring a bit of greenery indoors. It’s not that difficult to embrace the feeling of nature while staying inside. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stuck inside, moved into a new place or just a simple home body, here’s how to bring the outdoors to you (while still staying inside).

Use your outdoor space

If you have a balcony, let’s start there because that’s your first form of an outdoor space. Decorate that outdoor space with some plants and displays to create a relaxing zen like vibe that actually makes you want to sit and relax there! Add some plants and outdoor displays, a cute rug, some beanbag chairs and dangle some fairy lights around for an aesthetic vibe.

If you don’t have a balcony, then perhaps you have a backyard? Why not set up some rugs or chairs outside and just relax a little in the fresh air. If you’re craving more, then perhaps even a backyard camping trip under the stars? Or a movie night outdoors? They are pretty easy to set up. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler then may just don on a hammock and relax a little in the sun.

photo of pillows on wooden chairs

Transform your indoor space

If you don’t have a backyard or balcony, then use the space you have indoors to set up a spot to chill in. These are my favourites actually. Find a spot inside that has the most natural light and lay down a rug or as many pillows as you can find. Hang up some artsy nature-loving prints, light some earthy smelling candles and voila! You have an indoor space transformed into a nook with an earthy vibe.

laptop on bed near the balcony

Display nature books or earthy-coloured books

One of my favourite décor pieces are books. Depending on the mood you’re in the right book will add to the aesthetics of the place. To help you bring that nature vibe indoors, display a few earthy-coloured or themed books on a coffee table and let it add to the ambience. Why not add them to your reading list too?

photo of cup beside books

Make some healthy natural dishes

The best part about being at one with nature is that it soothes your mind, body and soul. Let’s talk body here – make some naturally healthy plant based meals to add to that natural vibe you have going. Use fresh organic produce and lots of herbs to give you a rustic flavour.

photo of sliced avocado fruit on wooden plate

Hang up some house plants

One of the best ways to bring the outdoors to you when you’re stuck inside is to hang up some house plants to get the earthy vibes going. Hang up plants along the walls, maybe place a few potted plants on the window sills or set a vase on the table. If you aren’t good at looking after plants then find a few of the fake variety and set them in a cute pot.

photo of green leaf potted plants on window and stand

Light earthy candles and hang up some art

Being indoors can make you feel claustrophobic. Light some earthy smelling candles to bring in those outdoor scents. I love cedar wood or cinnamon smelling candles. I usually like to place the candles on some nature-themed décor like a piece of wood or stone with natural colours. Botanical prints also add to the outdoor theme so try and hang up some frames with different plants or outdoor scenes.

a romantic setting in the bathroom

Start being creative

If you’ve been wanting to start a hobby then this is the perfect time to marry the two. Try some painting or sketching of leaves or plants. Water colours is a great way to bring in the light airy outdoor vibes. Watch a few videos on YouTube or sign up for an online class to learn more on painting or sketching. Maybe even take a class on botany?!

minimal concept of calligraphy writing of letter

Watch some documentaries about nature

Now that you’ve set the ambience and created your outdoor nook, take some time to relax and watch a few nature documentaries. You’ll learn more about the world (and the planet) around you and you’ll get to feel like you’re outdoors again. The best part? You might just find your next must-visit location!

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