20 Photos to inspire you to visit the little town of Utrecht

The Netherlands has some of the sweetest little towns hidden away from the rest of the world. Most traveller’s chose the bigger more bustling cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam to see when visiting, but those six months I spent living the Dutch city of Nijmegen meant I really got to do some exploring of the more smaller unheard of towns.

Often we would just wake up on the cold gloomy mornings, pick a random train and get off at smaller unheard of cities on the same line. Though this day, we had planned a day trip to Utrecht. It was Autumn which meant the hues of browns and yellows were everywhere, from buildings to the littlest leaves falling on the ground. Utrecht, like so many other Dutch cities, is know for it’s picturesque canals and terraces by the water. That said, every Dutch city has it’s own character and personality, so every visit is a different experience in itself.

We spent the day walking through cobblestoned streets and admiring the picturesque buildings through rustling yellow and orange leaves. We even spent a few hours playing in the Autumn leaves! We found a strange shop which was a mix of Egyptian and Afrikaans traditions (not what we expected to find in Utrecht.. but it’s pretty clear where our Dutch influences in South Africa come from!)

We grabbed some coffee (and then more coffee… and just a little more coffee…) at one of the many water-side cafes and did a little window shopping… because well, you know… students on a budget!

We found the Dom Tower and then visited the gardens of a Utrecht castle before making our way back home. It’s hard not to fall in love with Utrecht’s vibrant heart and lively personality. It’s also impossible to get lost as the Dom Tower dominates the skyline and is visible from any direction of the town.

Utrecht is the perfect place to visit on any day trip. Situated just 27 minutes outside of Amsterdam and with trains running ever so frequently, it’s perfect for a small adventure.

What are your thoughts?