20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit New York City

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“One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt.” – Georgia O’Keefe

New York has been on my bucket list for years. There’s just something about the Big Apple that makes a girl’s eyes sparkle – maybe it’s the twinkling lights of Times Square or the whimsical secrets of fairy tales hidden in central park… maybe it’s the endless stretch that forms Brooklyn Bridge or the yellow taxi’s bustling past that reminds me of one of my favourite girly movies in the Big City.

I spent two weeks exploring NYC at beginning of 2019 when my little sister had taken a three month contract as an auditor for a firm in Manhattan. It was the perfect time to visit her and also explore on my own and really, really see all that makes up New York City.

I started my adventure by flying in to JFK airport and after an 11 hour flight on Emirates, I was pretty exhausted. I crashed at my sisters studio apartment for two weeks and slowly but surely, started exploring the Big Apple! I had an entire NYC Bucket List to complete… I visited as many art galleries as I could and spent hours upon hours looking at the Jackson Pollock originals. The Natural History Museum was miraculous and yes, we found the infamous T-Rex from Night At The Museum.

Central Park in the Winter was magical. I didn’t know there was a statue of Hans Christian Anderson and Alice in Wonderland hidden amidst the winding pathways. Did you?

Even with a map, I got lost. Central Park is… just… so… huge. You’ll need a few days to really do justice, and even then you need to see it in every season.

Times Square was magical regardless of the time of day. It bustles and flickers and no matter where you turn. The lights will encapsulate you.

We let everything go with the Frozen Broadway Show that ended with ounces and ounces of light dusty snow falling from the ceiling as an encore. To this day I still find little bits of tissue paper in the crevices of the handbag I carried that night.

We totally Sex and The City’d out by shopping endlessly on Fifth Avenue, at Victoria Secret and having those infamous Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and afternoon tea at Laduree. We even found Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and partied as any New Yorker would.

Can there ever be enough time to see all of New York? Will one trip ever be enough?

The simple answer is no. But until the next time, here are 20 photo’s to inspire you to visit New York if you haven’t already. And if you have, then these photo’s are sure to make you want to visit all over again.

Yellow taxis in New York City
Walking on Brooklyn Bridge
Dumbo Brooklyn
Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park NYC
Hans Christian Anderson statue in Central Park NYC
Church architecture in New York
Buildings in New York
Public Library in New York
Steps of the Public Library NYC
Times Square at night
Carousel in Bryant Park
Lake in Central Park
Steps in Central Park
Bethesda Statue New York
Winter in Central Park, New York
Trees lining streets of New York
Morning views of New York buildings through an apartment window
Churches of New York
Einstein wall art in New York
American flag in New York
Taxi's in New York

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