Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

With 2020 now behind us things can only be looking up. Let’s face it, 2020 was a hard year. I mean who would have ever thought we would face something like a global pandemic in this lifetime? With all the advances in medicine, science and technology; I think we can safely say that 2020 was a hard reminder to us all that mankind is still so vulnerable. Covid-19 brought the world to a complete halt for months on end and for many of us, showed us that life is just so fragile. For some of us, it meant losing loved ones – either directly to the virus or indirectly because of ripple effects from the world slowing down making essentials so inaccessible.

The virus affected us all, in one way or another and for many of us, in ways that we never imagined. Travel slowed down and then suddenly came to a grinding halt. Borders closed (and in some cases, still remain closed). People were locked down in countries they never intended to spend longer than a few weeks in. For some, they became indefinitely stranded in-transit at airports. Others just couldn’t see their loved ones even though they lived 5 minutes away. We were told to stay away so we could keep them alive.

For the scientific community, never before had so many scientists scrambled to understand a 0.1 micron sized virus in such a short space of time. Health care workers had never worked harder and never has anyone on this Earth dug so deep in their souls to save mankind. For the everyday man, our heart strings, soul and mental health had been pushed to the brink.

2020 was a year none of us will ever forget.

Yet still life goes on and here we find ourselves at the start of a brand new year… 2021.

There’s something about new beginnings – be it a new day, new month or even a new year – that brings with it an air of freshness and hope. A light through the darkness. You could even say it’s somewhat of a blessing from the universe as she whispers to us, asking us to come back to ourselves as we refresh, revitalize and regroup our mind, body and soul.

A new year can literally, in every sense of the word mean a new start. It doesn’t mean we forget all that has happened or that we pretend it didn’t happen – rather it gives us the hope to be better, do better and in essence, feel better about ourselves, life and the big wide world.

Sometimes we put far too much pressure on ourselves and we think we’ve lost time or we didn’t work hard enough or worse, we just aren’t good enough but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. What I’ve learnt from each and every new beginning is that the previous journey to get there has moulded us into who we really are meant to be. Each and everyone of us was exactly where we needed to be at the time we were there… and maybe we don’t see it at that very moment, but the experiences gained has taught us all something very valuable.

2021 should be the start of something beautiful. Sure we’ve all done our reflections and made our lists of goals and resolutions (or maybe we’re still in process of doing it, and that’s okay too) but my advice to you dear friend, is to let 2021 be your year to focus on you, yourself and all that makes up your mind, heart and soul. Don’t resist forces and don’t force things either. Let them come and let them go as the universe wills it.

Focus on being better and more aligned with your core values and who you truly are… and if you don’t know what they are are and who you are, then spend some time figuring it out. Focus on self care. Focus on self love and put real effort into bringing more good, more love and more value wherever you go and in whatever you do. You deserve it and you deserve a whole year to focus just on you.

This year I’m spending more time focusing on the creative side of my soul and manifesting everything that comes with it. I really want to share the rambling thoughts in my head and truly focus on the creative Gemini that is inside me. I plan to spend more time being creative and sharing the crazy process that comes with it. I’ll be posting more on journaling and my artistic process, reading some really great books and finally starting my cooking page filled with international recipes inspired by all the great food I’ve tasted on my journeys.

I’m still the same travelling gypsy I always was but with the closing of borders, I can safely the pandemic has shown me other ways to stay travel inspired. The great part about this is that I’ll be publishing new posts every Tuesday so if you’ve just stumbled upon my little space on the web then be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the good stuff.

What are your goals, resolutions and thoughts for 2021? Share them with me in the comments below!

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I'm Shalinee - a Geminian scientist who loves to travel, write, draw and eat chocolate. I've visited over twenty countries, published a Environmental Science encyclopaedia and somewhere along the way started a science communication company to help students and corporates translate that hard-to-read data generated in a lab. Other than that, I'm just searching for the magic still hidden in the world.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

  1. Absolutely… the pandemic affected us all in some way, shape or form. I think we’ll all have our personal stories of 2020 to tell our kids one day 🙂

  2. Beautiful articles. Thank you for your effort for writing this, this was the whole episode of pandemic and best for future generation who did not experience the pandemic don’t know what was exactly had happened. Lots of love and respect 🙏

  3. Beautiful articles. Thank you for your effort for writing this, this was the whole episode of pandemic and best for future generation who did not experience the pandemic don’t know what was exactly had happened. Lots of love and respect 🙏

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